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JTM-Detroit offers half-price participation opportunity to UNITY members registered by May 15


Journalism That Matters is offering members of UNITY: Journalists of Color a half-price registration option to attend and participate in a journalism-entrepreneurship mashup June 3-6 at Wayne State University in Detroit. The package includes three nights' dorm lodging (private room/shared bath), food and registration for only $150. Stipends may also be requested. To register, start at: event home page, and when registering choose the UNITY option.

JTM DETROIT: CREATE OR DIE! INNOVATE, INCUBATE, INITIATE runs from Thurs., June 3 through Sun., June 6, 2010 at Wayne State University. It will start a year-long process supporting ideas, research, experiments and projects that ensure the emerging news ecosystem includes elements from and for communities of color. The event follows the April 13 announcement by UNITY that it has received a $100,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to omplement a New U: News Entrepreneurs Working through UNITY (New U) project.

Wayne State University, its Institute for Media Diversity, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, NABJ's Digital Journalism Task Force, Detroit Chapter-NABJ, the Asian American Journalists Association, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Time Inc., Elon University, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Center for Future Civic Media at MIT, Google Inc., the U.S. Census Bureau, the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst, and other organizations are among sponsors.


JTM-Detroit is a focused, three-day gathering of results-driven journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, technologists, bloggers, videographers, funders, artists and educators to discover, assess, shape and create new enterprises and new approaches to participatory media and civic journalism. We'll meeting in St. Andrew's Hall, a National Register-listed former church, with state-of-the-art TV production facilities next door, and dormitory suite or hotel accommodations. Learn about Detroit's changing economy as a metaphor for the journalism change and opportunity. Arrive Thurs., June 3, at mid-day, begin with an afternoon orientation, buffet dinner and evening program. Share/work Friday and Saturday using circle-round and break-out "unconference" collaboration; wrap up and commit to next steps on Sunday morning.

"Right now, no one has figured out how to sustainably make money telling stories on the internet," says Andrew Humphrey, one of JTM-Detroit's conveors. "In this way, all of us are just as smart (or just as stupid) as Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, the Google Founders or all modern titans of the Information Age. We are all starting from scratch."

Adds Humphrey: "If you have every been frustrated; wondering why can't I or my fellow association members ever get in on the ground floor of 'the next big thing' or be a fly on the wall when the 'big ideas' are discussed, this is your chance! CREATE OR DIE will include a rare, unique collection of journalists, technology experts, civic activists, and venture capitalists/business people all under one roof. It is the first conference to include the three major expert categories to launch a new media company. Maybe yours!"

In JTM DETROIT's open forum format, you can come with only questions, only answers or both! It does not matter. The point is to find like-minded individuals who see the changing journalism and media landscape and want to do something.

For example, if you have a question about or need to find a software programmer to design or build your web site or blog, you can find them. Conversely, if you have a talent for designing or marketing digital-based systems, you can find journalists with tons of content ideas. And if you are a terrific salesperson or an expert grant or business plan writer and a magnificent manager, you will find people who are passionate about their work with constant a-ha moments.

So come to Detroit from Thursday, June 3 through Sunday, June 6, 2010!

Motown is a historic, global city like no other. The Detroit Tigers will play baseball. The Red Wings will (hopefully) be in the hockey playoffs. Detroit Metro Airport is a Delta hub with nonstop flights to and from New York, LA, Miami, Paris, Tokyo, etc. The Motor City is an arts and technology mecca; home to the Detroit Institute of Art, the largest African-American museum - The Wright Museum, The Detroit Science Center, The Motown Museum, The Fox Theatre and many more attractions a short distance away from Wayne State. Finally, Detroit is the only major city where you can have lunch in another country (Canada) faster than ordering pizza.


Journalism is at a crossroads. For nearly 50 years, American journalism was financed by a historically unprecedented consumer-driven economy. This put pressure on editors, producers and reporters to focus on mainstream audiences attractive to advertisers. Cable television, and now the Internet, have made it economically feasible to profitably market to niche communities. For the first time, poor, ethnic and disadvantaged communities and under-represent constituencies of all economic strata are no longer too marginal to serve. Diverse constituencies must seize the opportunity to innovate with technology and services, legacy media must learn to include these new, niche audiences. Both creators and consumers die -- figuratively, they lose influence or visibility -- unless they understand the need to diversify.

At this moment in history when the news and information needs of communities are being re-invented, just a small percentage of funding is going directly to people of color for projects related to underrepresented populations. According to a J-Lab study on grant-funded news and information, of $128 million, about 10 percent or $12 million went to one project called New America Media, which encompasses the most funding to ethnic media.

What will enable unheard or misrepresented voices to find their place the changing landscape? We wish to take advantage of the opportunities created by the disintegrating media infrastructure to create new forms of media that are more relevant to the lives of communities of color. Across the nation, dozens of citizens are experimenting with new forms of local, web-based journalism and community building. Our intent is to ensure the vitality of “journalism that matters” to serve a diverse public.

So join us in a place of imagination, exploration and creation from June 3-6, 2010 at Wayne State University in Detroit.


Look forward to seeing everyone here in Detroit! Get in on the action!


Andrew Humphrey, CBM
Meteorologist, Reporter and Weather Producer, WDIV-TV
Founder & Co-Chair, NABJ's Digital Journalism Task Force
Immediate Past President, Detroit Chapter - NABJ
(313) 222-0557 (o-direct) | http://www.andrewhumphrey.com
weather@umich.edu | andrew.humphrey@alum.mit.edu


How can we reshape journalism so that it engages and serves all people & communities?

Innovate. Incubate. Initiate.

The media landscape is changing – creating space for innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

JTM especially invites persons of color -- journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, technologists, bloggers, videographers, venture capitalists, artists, funders, educators and all who have an interest -- to explore how voices often unheard or misrepresented can reshape the future of journalism.

This focused, June 3 to 6 unconference for results-driven, action-oriented participants will discover, assess, shape and create forward-looking initiatives focused on key elements of community -- diversity, shared values, participation and developing youth. Be part of a design, build, pitch collaboratory for shaping the next communications businesses, tools, services, and policies that amplify diverse voices.

The evolving relationship between news and technology provide a great opportunity for innovation. We will explore the intersections of storytelling, art, technology and culture that are changing the practice and products of journalism. Through the unconference format, we will create the space for you to bring your ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm, find partners, and coaches, and take your work to its next level.

You need to be part of the conversation. Don’t let this moment pass without taking action. Whether you are a part of a legacy media organization or an individual ready to create something on your own, this conference will create a space for energy and action.


New and unexpected cross-sector collaborations Broadening a community of practice among people who care about journalism innovation Nurture and develop journalism entrepreneurship especially for underserved communities and people of color Learn from stories of successful projects Discover and engage financial/funding sources to seed new projects


These sponsors invite you to come together for "JTM-Detroit . . . Create or Die":

  • The Journalism That Matters collaborative
  • Our 1,000 + JTM Alumni
  • Wayne State University
  • The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
  • The U.S. Census Bureau
  • The National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • The G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism
  • The Center for Future Civic Media at MIT

We'll collaborate for three days to:

  • Incubate specific, ongoing enterprises among journalists, technologists, and funders to serve the needs of specific communities
  • Launch a year-long exploration of cross-community collaborations that inform, inspire, engage and activate
  • Discover and develop new partnerships for a healthy, inclusive news and information ecosystem


The innovative projects launched in Detroit will be showcased a year later at a companion JTM event in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina.


Early-bird registration is now available at $295 ($150 for UNITY members). For those registering before May 15, private room/shared bath lodging in a new Wayne State dorm adjacent to the summit is included on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

If your expertise can contribute to and support our collaborations at JTM-Detroit, but you need financial assistance to attend, complete registration now, pay a refundable $25 stipend request, and email a pitch to jtm@journalismthatmatters.org. We'll let you know by May 15 if our sponsor resources are sufficient for you to attendance, or we'll refund your $25.00.