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“From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information"

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An action congress for trust, identity and Internet information commerce serving newspapers and beyond
June 23-25, 2010 / Reynolds Journalism Institute / Columbia, Mo.

Who's coming

Here's an early list of participants in "From Blueprint to Building," updated as people register. If you're coming, and you don't see your name here, add it, or email and tell us.

  1. Doug Anstaett, executive director, Kansas Press Assn., former publisher of the Newton (Kan.) Kansan and Brookings (S.D.) Register, Topeka, Kan.
  2. Greg Baker, Missouri Press Service, Columbia, Mo.
  3. Jessica Brown, president, Gateway Media Literacy Partners Inc., St. Louis, Mo.
  4. Brad Buchanan, president/ceo, GeoTel Corp. dba Newz Group, Columbia, Mo.
  5. Ian Buchanan, vp-operations, GeoTel Corp. dba Newz Group, Columbia, Mo.
  6. Scott Buchanan, corporate counsel, GeoTel Corp. dba Newz Group, Columbia, Mo.
  7. Bill Densmore, consultant, Reynolds Journalism Institute, co-founder, CircLabs Inc., board member, New England Newspaper & Press Assn., Williamstown, Mass.
  8. Dennis DeRossett, Illinois Press Association, Springfield, Ill.
  9. Robert Kasabian, Multistate Digital Task Force business plan consultant, Purcellville, Va.
  10. Edmund Lambeth, professor emeritus, Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
  11. Mitchell Land, interim dean, Mayborn Journalism School, Univ. of North Texas, Denton, Texas
  12. Barry Locher, Illinois Press Association, Springfield, Ill.
  13. Ben Marshall, Publisher, The Sterling Bulletin, Sterling, Kansas
  14. Jo Martin, chief operating officer, Times-Citizen Communications, Iowa Falls, Iowa
  15. Mark Maassen, director, online advertising, Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo.
  16. Trevis Mayfield, VP/COO community media group, Shaw Newspapers, Sterling, Ill.
  17. Chris Miller, CEO, [ The Mission Center L3C], St. Louis, Mo.
  18. Bill Monroe, director, Multistate Digital Task Force, Des Moines, Iowa
  19. Randy Picht, The Associated Press, Kansas City, Mo.
  20. Brian Steffens, executive director, National Newspaper Association, Columbia, Mo.
  21. Andy Waters, VP, interactive media, Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia, Mo.