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Shelter your netbook by way of a padded, Tyvek sleeve.

You can keep your netbook safe on your travels with a homemade netbook sleeve made out of a bit of Tyvek weather wrap plus some layer of froth padding. The Tyvek assists retain moisture apart from the gear plus the foam padding helps preserve the netbook from unexpected bangs also bumps. If you would like to make the sleeve any tiny tad more stylish, add a fabric cover over top regarding the Tyvek.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

Tyvek weather wrap ¼-inch thick froth padding Craft glue Sewing pins Sewing needle Thread Velcro

1 Measure the period and width of the netbook. Numerous the length by two and add 4 inches for some final duration. Add 2 inches to the width to a final length. To example, a netbook with a length of 12 inches and a width regarding 8 inches will experience a final sleeve duration of 28 inches by a final sleeve width about 10 inches.

2 Lay a piece regarding Tyvek weather wrap on a fresh working surface and bring some rectangle that steps the final period about the netbook by the last width.

3 Cut a rectangular piece of ¼-inch foam padding through a width of 1 inch less than the final width from step 1 and a length regarding 3 inches less than the final length. Using the instance above, the foam padding rectangle will equal 9 inches wide via 23 inches long.

4 Location the Tyvek rectangle on your functioning surface. Cover just one part of the foam padding with some layer regarding glue plus align the padding over top of the Tyvek. Arrange the padding ½-inch away from each long edge and 1 ½ inches apart away from each and every short edge.

6 Flip throughout the rectangles so the Tyvek is on the bottom. Fold the 1 ½ inches of extra Tyvek at the brief ends over best of the foam padding and sew it within location.

7 Change the pieces back above so the Tyvek remains on the bottom and fold the bits on half lengthwise to reduce the length in half. Pin the ½-inch of Tyvek along the sides plus sew the pieces together. Greenslip.

8 Turn the sleeve right side away.

9 Reduce some lengthy ½-inch-broad bit of Velcro and apply a series regarding glue to the back of the Velcro. Press it towards the top center of the inside of the sleeve. Glue the complementary piece regarding Velcro to the opposite internal side of the sleeve.


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