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California companies may well be able to self-insure their vehicles.

Self-insurance within California is a risk management strategy sometimes used in corporations that is need fleets of automobiles or other motorized automobiles , except don't want to pay auto insurance premiums. Instead, they set aside hundreds regarding thousands of cash to take care of any expenses that can result from accidents involving organization vehicles. Corporations don't maintain sole restraint to become self-insured, yet; they need to receive approval away from the California Department regarding Motor Cars (DMV).

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1 California companies that is wish to self-insure their vehicles must rendezvous three principal qualifications. The car carrier fleet to be insured must include 25 or more commercial vehicles registered within the motor carrier's name. The company's required degree of liability insurance can't be greater besides $750,000. And there can't be any unsatisfied legal judgments against the engine carrier resulting out of property damages and/or bodily injury--including death--caused by means of a drive vehicle accident.

2 Eligible enterprises should file a self-insurance application with the DMV. The application is some one-page style together with five sections. Required information includes: the company's name plus California business ID number; the corporation's address also phone number; the number about vehicles that will be self insured; and verification of the period of the deposit the company will file. See the Reference section beneath with any sample application.

3 After self-insurance applications have been approved also are in operation, companies through huge fleets of vehicles customarily have an administrator who commands insurance claims. The administrator handles all or most aspects of insurance claims--like as fix estimates, medical bills plus rental autos for non-worker accident victims--the way exclusive insurance company would.



California DMV: Certificate of Self Insurance

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