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Since electronic cigarettes do never make use of tobacco, some non-smoking areas allow their use.

The Blu electronic cigarette is a small, hand held atomizer designed to create flavored nicotine filled vapor when the owner drags, or inhales, on the end of the unit. Designed to look like any conventional cigarette, the Blu does not include tobacco and may be employed in quite a few places that perform not permit traditional smoking.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


Blu starter package Wall outlet USB port

1 Unbox the contents of the Blu electronic cigarette package. The kit should contain on least two batteries, 5 flavored cartridges, one particular wall charger through USB wire, particular USB charger, plus the Blu pack, any movable recharger that also serves because any carrying case.

3 Attach the minute battery to the USB charger and attach the charger to an obtainable USB port on your computer or to the USB port on the wall charger. The mild on the USB charger will turn from red to blue when charging is complete.

4 Attach a full cartridge to a charged battery. Remove the seal from the finish of the cartridge and place the unit between your lips like a cigarette. Inhale through the unit. The blue light on the end will light up if the unit yous working correctly. There is no "on" or "off" switch. The unit will change on and off automatically each and every occasion you inhale. The light on the end of the battery will blink 30 times while the battery is low. You must replace the cartridge when vapor is no longer produced from the electronic cigarette.

Tips & Cautions

Whilst the Blu electronic cigarette does not include tobacco it does contain nicotine, a very dangerous also addictive substance.


Blu E-Cigarette: How It Works


Blu E-Cigarette

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