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A healthy dinner!

This yous an easy, fast supper that has only 5 ingredients and quick to put together and only 30 minutes in the oven! You'll just need to maintain a few staples handy on your pantry and freezer to have a quick, healthy meal often ready!

This recipe is so easy, it makes a fantastic lesson for junior prepares. Your teens can easily prepare this dinner after college . The pie remains very healthy, as salmon is some excellent antioxidant. Peas and cauliflower contribute two vegetable servings to your meal. The Swiss cheese adds calcium also dairy to your family's daily diet.

Unlike other identical recipes , this meal contains no added trans-fats (buy prepared crusts carefully), butter, mystery ingredient sauces -you can rest easy knowing exactly what goes into your loved 1s tummies!

This recipe contains dairy and fish!


Things You'll Need

2 pie crusts 1-2 cups steamed cauliflower 1 cups peas 1 can salmon 4 slices Swiss cheese or feta

Set some prepared pie crust flat on a baking sheet -either grease pan or use parchment report to an easy clean upward. Spread out the Swiss cheese slices -leave a 1 inch border, to correctly seal best to bottom. Evenly arrange the drained plus steamed cauliflower pieces, ruin upward larger ones.

Heat oven to 375º, this recipe yous very flexible, you can share the oven at additional temps, just remove pie whenever crust is nicely and uniformly browned.

2 Add final ingredients

Drain the canned salmon (your cat or canine will love you for this treat!) and organize pieces evenly among the cauliflower. Due to the processing procedures used in canning salmon, the bones are fragile plus smooth -they are rich in calcium and may be left on the pie, you may mash it to hide away from picky eaters!

Pile the steamed peas on best, there will be plenty regarding nooks and crannies to fill. If you'd for example you can season yet the salmon may be salty enough to you. Pepper, mint plus dill are good preferences.

3 Put pie in hot stove plus set timer for 20 -30 minutes, cooking times will change depending on your particular oven or temperature choice. This pie is filled for pre-cooked ingredients, you are essentially baking the crust not the filling. As soon since the pie is browned remove from oven plus slide onto a serving plate.

Suggestions & Cautions

Feta cheese would be a nice substitute for the Swiss cheese! Fresh grilled salmon or shrimp would also be good. Be aware regarding your diner' s food allergies -Ask! This recipe includes dairy and fish! Produce sure you drain your steamed veggies or the pie could leak also create smoke in your stove and set away your smoke detector!

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