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Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Gather your most recent credit card statements. Most credit cards offer online accounts managing that will give you a summary of consideration activity among monthly statements, like effectively because some summary of fresh transactions. If your credit card doesn't offer online account management, buy two or three of your most recent report statements.

2 Examine each transaction, line by series. Note any transactions that appear suspicious or that is you don't recognize or recall. Don't ignore unfamiliar small transactions. Several significant incidents of credit theft experience involved small transactions on a mass scale, such being the burglary of regarding 130 million credit and debit card numbers in 2008, according to The New York Times.

3 Investigate the suspicious transaction. If you are specific you did not authorize the transaction, ask your better half plus children if they did.

4 Make contact with your credit card company immediately if you're certain your credit card has been charged without your consent. Most card issuers maintain plans that retain you from as responsible for the charges, since extended like you notify them in regard to each and every suspicious transactions right away. If your credit card account has been compromised, the company will most likely cancel the card and issue you any new a single with a new accounts number.

Tips & Warnings

If your credit card is lost, contact your card issuer at once to report it was lost or stolen.


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