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Canadian voters and permanent residents can sponsor their family members to obtain permanent dwelling.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) does not offer fiancee visas. However not to worry, all hope is not lost. There are other options for a Filipino looking to stay in Canada with her Canadian sweetheart. Whereas extended as you're ready to do various study and have most patience, CIC will grant permanent residence status that allows the two of you to live together in Canada.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging



1 Utilize since a family member of a Canadian citizen or everlasting resident. You can choose to apply as spouse, prevalent-law associate or conjugal spouse.

If you pick out to go by way of some spousal visa, you will have to become married plus acquire a marriage certificate before applying.

2 Decide if you would like the application processed in Canada or outside Canada.

One inland application processed inside Canada usually take on a longer. You can pick this route if you are yet with Canada, or can be in Canada when you deliver within the application. The downside to this is that is you need to maintain legal status by extending your visa while the application is being processed. If you leave Canada, you might never be allowed back with, which will result from an automatic rejection about your application. Moreover, you will not be capable to perform unless you already have a visa that allows you to undertake accordingly.

An outland application will be processed more quickly. However, it might be difficult to obtain any visa to visit your beloved in Canada during the processing. With Filipinos, the outland application can be processed inside Manila or other visa offices in countries to which they maintain been admitted for by lowest one year.

3 Download an application kit from the CIC website or speak to CIC and have them mail it to you. Read the guides thoroughly before undertaking anything else, as the processing fee remains never refundable if your application is declined.


1 Complete the application forms and compile the required documents. This could take a while because you might contain to go via medical examinations also obtain law enforcement agency certificates away from all the countries you has ever lived in considering the age of 18. You will also need to gather proofs of your relationship, such seeing that letters and photos.

2 Shell out the fees and print the receipt. As of May 2010, the fees you need to pay before sending the application include: $75 with the funding application, $475 for the principal applicant, $150 for any dependent child and $550 to each and every adult relative.

You may choose to pay the right of permanent residence charge by a later stage while requested via CIC, nonetheless undertaking hence might bring about hold off.

3 Mail your forms, documents, proofs about union and fee expense receipt to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Vegreville, Alberta for an inland application. Otherwise, mail them to the CPC in Mississauga, Ontario.


1 Check your mailbox continually to a letter from CIC, which might arrive a few weeks after you send outside your application. This would state that CIC has received plus started processing the application.

If you are approved in this period, secure any number inside the letter or email that you can utilize to examine your application position online using the electronic Client Application Status (e-CAS) system that you can entry out of the CIC website.

3 Check e-CAS constantly for updates on your application. With this phase, CIC examines the eligibility of the sponsored person. This is the stage done external Canada with outland applications. Once this is finished, CIC will notify you of the choice.

If approved, read and follow the instructions on the letter or e-mail from CIC. They could differ depending on which visa office deal with your circumstance. Nevertheless while you experience received an approval, it's only some issue regarding time until you get permanent home and the right to join your Canadian lover in Canada.

Tips & Cautions

If the information contained in your application is incomplete or insufficient, CIC will request that is you provide more documents, which will outcome in hold off. Providing because very much info as you may may likewise reduce the likelihood that is CIC will request an interview. Make sure to double examine your application package previous to you send it. If the process seems too overpowering, consult an immigration counsel who could support you with your application. Because about May 2010, e-CAS is not updated regular and may possibly not show fresh adjusts. Migration to Quebec entails a little various processes, the details about which are on the CIC website.


Citizenship plus Immigration Canada

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