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To most webmasters, the biggest objective is to own some smooth running website. They want visitors to simply navigate from unique page to another on the domain. Broken links, unfortunately, prevent this away from event, as users click any link and are taken to some "page never found" web page. Fixing broken links is really quite uncomplicated, as lengthy because you know what you're doing.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Hire a few people to go to your website and click the several links on it and tell you which links are not working. You can hire people by visiting the many freelance internet site on the Online .

2 Appear at the links that is are broken and discover any patterns. Most about your broken links will likely be similar in most way, so discovering the pattern can make fixing the issue that much easier.

3 Log onto your website using some FTP program, and download each and every page along with any broken link. You may carry out this by simply right-clicking each page plus choosing "Conserve."

5 Choose each link and kind in the correct URL for the page to which you wish to link. If you're not sure what that is is, check your FTP file directory also duplicate down the name of the page.

6 Save each page. Be careful not to change the identify of the pages, like this can cause more broken links.

7 Re-upload each page by means of pulling each just one to the FTP site directory and waiting to the upload to finished.

8 Verify your website to verify that the broken links own been removed. If they haven't, merely repeat Steps 4 to 7 again.

Tips & Warnings

Look at installing a broken link program on your site. Many programs look for to generate broken link reporting also removal automated also considerably easier. It's a excellent thought to invest on such a system if your web site is quite large.


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