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Bill Densmore's conflicts disclosure page

The author, Bill Densmore, was founder and remains a significant shareholder in Clickshare Service Corp., a privately held, Amherst, Mass., company which provides user authentication, registration and commerce services to content and other websites. In 2008, Clickshare was granted a patent:

A system based upon user sharing across the Internet where there are multiple home bases for users might conceivably involve licensing of Clickshare technology on terms which could financially benefit me. I have not been, since 2002, a director, officer or employee of Clickshare, although I do occasionally advise its management, generally without compensation.

I am also a founding shareholder in CircLabs Inc., along with three other individuals and the University of Missouri's Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

I am a co-founder and minority shareholder of Taxonometrics Inc., which markets the LifeStream and YourStream(tm) news-personalization service.

You can learn more about me at:


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