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This eHow is Not about finding the best car insurance quotes. But it Is about making money with car insurance quotes...as any keyword. This expression is known to be unique of the huge-cash search keywords, and can be used to generate advertising income. Your webpage can be about car insurance quotes even if you are not widely familiar with the topic. Here's how.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Secure car insurance quotes from auto insurance firms.

  • Create content around the phrase "car insurance quotes". It can be an article listing insurance websites, linking to blogs about car insurance, an essay about the benefits (or evils) of insurance corporations, or even a How To article, like the one you're reading right right now.

2 Pick out a place to post your content where you can collect advertising income.

Your own website yous definitely one chance (also you may build some website with free...understand resource links down below).

But here are also websites that is allow you to submit your content, and share each and every ad income generated. These doubtless have higher traffic than your own website, and the traffic can offset any income lost out of the sharing agreement. eHow is certainly 1 of the better choices.

3 Examine to notice that the advertisements generated on your website include any focus on auto insurance quotes. If they don't, you may need to edit your content to elicit much more context-applicable ads. Trial and error is your greatest teacher here.

Tips & Warnings

If you submit your content at a lot more besides a single website, you can increase your income. Yet rewrite your content at each site, as the search engines don't appreciate duplication.


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