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Recapping notes from Monday:

We included lots of suggested and tried to integrate them

into a final result. Our work should come to the project and

it should be interested to both American and Russian

colleagues. A top priority for Russians might not be

interesting to American colleagues and vice versa. Priorities

may differ, but we have tried to include both. We have three

key blocks, recommendations, important to development of

media in both Russia and the states.

Here are the three main "blocks" or strategy areas we identified, with bullet-point action items under each.

Journalism in a Civil Society

  • Help citizens and public officials understand the value and role of journalism in a democracy
  • Support open information and transparency
  • Foster watchdog or investigative jouranlism by individuals or organizations
  • Support efforts of independent journalists
  • Assist educators to teach critical thinking skills to analyze news and media
  • Support cooperation between citizens to address community challenges

==Legal Risks for Open and Accessible Information

  • Improve access to information for both journalists and the public
  • Fortify the ability of journalists to work without unjustified fear
  • Develop better skills in working with the balance between public and protected information
  • Educate the public as to the fair use of intellectual property; protect the rights of the content creator

==Effective and Innovative Technologies to Develop Media

  • Explore social media's impact upon society and mass media
  • Collaborate on privacy and user identity, content personalization issues
  • Develop the value of information services, such as content and advertising regardless of media models
  • Study new editorial structures and news gathering and distribution techniques
  • Develop new ethics standards because of new technology

Our first block: Journalism and civil society today and

tomorrow. Even in the states the the value of journalism

shoud be emphasized. This is expecially true for Russia. We

also want to take some steps to force transparency of


No. legal risks for open and accessible information