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The Information Valet Project:

Blueprinting the shared user/value network

December 3-5, 2008
Reynolds Journalism Institute
Columbia, Missouri


11/29/08: Exchange from Prof. Lee Wilkins to Lillie Coney (EPIC)

Lee Wilkin's writes:

CONTRIBUTION: A framing of the privacy questions the project raises through two disciplines--philosophy (what privacy adds to human flourishing) and law (why privacy should be considered a post hoc restriction on intrusion) connected by the concept of contested commodities--in other words, if there are elements of our individual privacy we are willing to part with for a price and under certain restrictions. Then, an explanation of a national research effort that explores these issues empirically with multiple generations in multiple venues, including public opinion polling, social networking cites, and generational in-person surveys.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN: Which elements of personal privacy (assuming the notion of contested commodities has some explanatory power) are most likely to be subject to regulations and on what level. For example, if I were to bet money (my usual wager is one-tenth of a dollar), I would bet people will want regulation surrounding the issues of medical records and financial records. However, I think there ought to be some discussion of regulations an engineering specs for default settings on various cites (open is not always better) and on aggregators. I also think there ought to be some discussion of how poverty exacerbates many of these questions.