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Microsoft Online Explorer yous included being the default Internet browser in Windows XP. The version of Internet Explorer that ships by way of Windows XP includes groups regarding pre-defined favorites already added to the Favorites listing, including a "Microsoft Internet site" folder by way of links to website and associated websites and a "Links" folder with links to websites similar because Hotmail plus the Windows Marketplace. If you create not need the specify of favorites included with Links folder, you may remove the Links folder from Internet Explorer in Windows XP.

Difficulty: Easy

1 Click the "Favorites" link in the Internet Explorer menu bar. This opens the drop-down list of favorites, listed in the order in which they were added by way of the most fresh favorites by the bottom about the listing.

2 Position and right-click on the "Links" folder in the listing of favorites with the drop-down menu. This opens any context menu.

3 Click the "Delete" link in the context menu. This availables the Confirm Folder Delete window.

4 Click the "Yes" button in the Ensure Folder Delete window. This deletes the Links folder also completes the course of action.


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