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Classmates is a sociable networking website.

Classmates is a web-based service designed to let huge school alumni reconnect in each other. Members may sign increase, locate former classmates, join groups and stay up to date on the latest reunion information. The site has two membership levels: The free membership, which lets you discover pals and publish any profile, and the gold membership, which remains settled and allows you to exchange private emails, view your yearbook Web, find from who has signed your guest publication plus see everywhere your friends at this moment live. If you no longer use Classmates, you may cancel either membership.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


1 Go to the Classmates website (see Resources) and indicator on. Pick out the "Help" link located in the higher right corner about the page. This will consider you to the Assist Welcome Center.

3 Enter your username and symbol in the suitable fields. Read over the information to ensure you're around to remove the the right account. Pick out the purpose you want to remove your registration and click the "Remove Registration" button on the bottom left corner of the page. This will take you to another page to confirm your membership removal. Select the "Sure" button to finalize and process the removal of your consideration.

Gold members must cancel their memberships by sending one email to the "Member Support Squad," located with the "Gold Members" area of the Member Service page (see Resources). A Classmates representative will reply to your cancellation request by email. Canceling your gold membership will result within the forfeiture of your membership fee as stated on the terms regarding service.


Classmates: Canceling Your Classmates Membership


Classmates: Homepage Classmates: Member Assist

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