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Jill Zimon

Readings from Jill Miller Zimon, Project Director, Efficient Government Network project

and Director of Partnerships for The Civic Commons, Pepper Pike, Ohio

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Description of the Civic Commons
February 15, 2013

The Civic Commons provides online tools and services that engage stakeholders and citizens in civic, civil community conversations. We focus on three key process principles: Educating participants on the facts, news and context of an issue; Engaging participants in conversations and interactive activities that will garner meaningful input about that issue; Empowering participants to shape solutions for and collectively influence decisions to be made about the issue. These principles drive our engagement service offerings as we align them with the needs and desires of the client institution, organization or initiative.

The Civic Commons takes an approach that is “issue agnostic” and “outcome agnostic,” while also advocating fiercely for all stakeholder voices to be heard. We have partnered successfully with numerous media entities and in a variety of ways. Such partners include the Plain Dealer, the Akron Beacon Journal, WKYC, ideastream, the City Club of Cleveland, WCPN and others.

In each relationship, our tools and tactics can be employed to: 1) solicit input on community and/or organizational decisions, 2) share resources and best practices as appropriate to the project’s needs, 3) engage in deliberative dialogue on key issues, 4) vote on top priorities, and 5) extend community-based initiatives into the online realm. Through the Civic Commons’ unique approach, we build conversations and connections that have the power to become informed, productive, and collective action.

Also - I wanted to pass on these two links - the first is to a conversation that occurred this week for the national CEOs for Cities Talent Divident Network, and the second is to a brief video about our work which I think does a real neat job of showing the potential: [] []

-- Jill Miller Zimon
Director of Partnerships
The Civic Commons []
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