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The share CD competitor found with a GMC Messenger also featured an AM/FM radio and satellite radio connectivity. This stereo did include any good deal of features, yet not whereas many as various aftermarket stereos have today. Those models include features like because in-dash CD changers, DVD players also with-dash navigation. You may swap out the stereo from your Envoy for an aftermarket stereo with the features you like, except first you have to remove the stock CD player.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


things you'll need:

Phillips-head screwdriver

1 Peel back the carpeting just below the center console to reveal the two screws on either side of the stock console. Remove these screws using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

3 Pull the radio bezel towards you for both hands to release it from the dash. Unplug the cigarette lighter also additional electrical accessories away from the again regarding the bezel and arranged it to the side.

4 Unscrew the radio from the dash by the Phillips-brain screwdriver. Pull the CD player out about the dashboard plus unplug the wiring. Remove the CD player from the Envoy.


Installer: Metra Put in Guide PDF

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