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Outlook Express is a desktop email client that aggregates your email accounts into 1 location. Some users find using Outlook Express easier besides managing diverse accounts around multiple email services. Outlook Express' easy features simplify also from some instances make sending email, attachments, and links easier with some familiar interface.

Difficulty: Effortless


Things You'll Want

Outlook Express

1 Open Outlook Express on your computer .

2 Select "New" or "Compose" from the toolbar.

3 From the toolbar or "File" menu, click "Insert" and in that case pick "Hyperlink."

5 Compose the rest of your email plus choose your recipient and click "Send."

If the link you are trying to deliver remains a ordinary particular and you don't have the want to change the display word, you can type the address out and outlook will automatically change it to some hyperlink for you.

References internet site: Outlook Express Service

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