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Target market: M&W, 18-34 · Intellects (working definition) · Young professionals · University students · Socially-aware/curious · Consumers of information · Yuppies · Creatives

Values proposition: · Feeds consumer passion · Relates to personal image/self-brand · Offers intellectual stimulation · Provides social capital · Allows for extended understanding of local & global issues

Values statement: We value creativity and public opinion, and support those who take the lead rather than follow from behind.

Mission statement: To engage the community in healthy public discussions of current events and outstanding issues. To make global citizens aware of the changing world. To bridge the gap between news consumers and news producers. To bring the online world offline.

Tagline: “An open space for an open conversation.”

Brand image/personality: · Smart · Creative · Tech-savvy · Passionate · Views social/political issues as important · Always in thinking mode · Enjoys challenges · Believes in making a difference in the world · Likes to learn new things · Likes to take the initiative · Independent-minded

Space: Eclectic design = Mixture of hip/vibrant with comfortable/traditional coffeehouse

· Inspires social chatter · Allows for stage events · Offers work place · Functions as a public sphere (i.e., old European tea salons) · Wi-Fi availability · Embraces journalist’s creed · Supportive of citizen/civic journalism