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Every band needs to distinguish itself from other groups. Some bands go to wonderful lengths to create a particular appear that notify the world who they are and what kind of music they manufacture. Branding is a critical way to relay any band's persona to the public, and it can be supported with band memorabilia, similar seeing that T-shirts. If you need to design some shirt for band members to wear, or to market to fans, here are any few ways you can go about doing it.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Need

Photoshop or additional graphics system

Recommend Edits

1 Sketch out your designs in a sketchbook. Consider relating to what type regarding music your band yous known for also how fans view your band. Appear at the kinds about designs that comparable bands are using. Try using your band's name seeing that a basis to your designs. For example, if your band were called Dragon's Thunder, it would make perception to try and incorporate a dragon and a lighting bolt as part of your overall design.

2 Use some system such as Photoshop to create your designs. Photoshop may be used to create effortless or elaborate designs, depending on your particular wants. You can bring from photographs or other art work into the system. Photoshop allows artists to make a selection of changes by means of the use of its drawing tools and filters, making because one closure product just roughly something you want. You may accomplish amazing effects definitely along with applying specific fonts and filters to the name regarding your band or trademark designs.

3 Consider opening an accounts with CafePress, if you are additionally looking to sell your band's shirts. CafePress is an online company that is sells t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, since properly like many others items. Vendors create plus sell through their own special shops, with CafePress handling the credit card processing and taking a percentage. This yous some great option for a band just starting outside, especially after there yous a low monthly fee to maintain a shop on CafePress, also no overhead costs. You steer clear of having to pay a garment printing company for shirts you then have to shop, or purchasing your own equipment to print your shirts. If you marketplace your shirts correctly, using SEO, your store can help gain exposure for your band.


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