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The author is on the advisory board of the Open Identity Exchange.

Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 07:27:17 -0500
From: Hal Warren <>
To: Bill Densmore
Subject: Re: New Trust Framework for the Publishing Industry

Hi Bill,

I have read the white paper, some parts twice, and I deeply resonate with the message. We are building a trust framework for the STM publishing industry and making significant progress. Our narrow focus allows us to take advantage of the peculiar aspects of the economy of science which is both enabling and disabling. The academic reward system currently diminishes data sharing but new emerging technologies are changing that, specifically VIVO, the national network of scientists (<>) and ORCID, the open researcher and contributor identification system See:

We, the American Psychological Association, where I am the Director of Publishing Innovation, are now forming partnerships with VIVO Institutions (.EDUs) in the U.S. and Europe to deploy an identity server in the OIX Framework to extend trust assertions of authorship from scholarly publishers to .EDUs and .ORGs using the rapidly expanding VIVO platform for scientist identity management with OIX trust marks from publishers and eventually employers. We will start by using VIVO RDF-XML as the payloads for trust assertions in a closed network of OpenID servers for the delivery mechanism. This model will require that any trust mark extension is made at the sole desecration of the author, the holder of the claim, and it can be tracked and retracted at will. Other claims, which come from sources like PubMed, will continue to be shared without permission as they are today.

Our humble beginnings are noted at<> and our first very primitive deployment of VIVO is at where if you click on the word "person" in the white space, in the middle, near the bottom and then on the name "Merlo, Lisa" and then on the link on the right for "co-author network" you will get a sense of the power of VIVO when only 4 works are included.

We are about to ingest 1,200+ authors for the journal Psychological Services into VIVO and to build semantic community tools to strengthen peer circles to facilitate science. I expect we will have the journal community loaded within the month. We could have trust assertions moving by Fall.

As you, it is my passion to get trust assertions moving! I believe that online trust is the magic mojo sauce that will enable the emergence of improvements we have yet to imagine.

If you see ways we can plug into your larger framework for the publishing industry we would be most interested in doing so. Also, if any of our work would be useful for your efforts, please let me know.

Best Regards, Hal Warren, advisory board member, Open Identity Exchange