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The first issue you need to understand is that collection agencies have NO Legal Right to collect from you. I don't care what they say to you, they cannot collect from you if you manage this one ordinary thing.

Trouble: Easy


things you'll need:

The address of the scum bags, I mean collection agencie(s). Any pen plus papers

1 If the collectors are calling you on the phone, Do Not Talk TO It! Don't response, or hang up with there evil ears! Once you obtain a letter from it trying to collect a debt tear off the portion they provide for you to make a payment and put that with the envelope they provide so they think they are actually getting something from you.

2 Write a cease and desist letter using this template:

This letter is inside reference to accounts number___________________ I am writing this letter to educate you that is I am ordering you to discontinue plus desist ALL collection activities. I am refusing to do business together with you, plus know that is you maintain totally NO Official Appropriate to collect this debt. IF I receive any further communication away from you in the form regarding letter, telephone call, or reporting to my credit statements from this moment forward; unless it remains a letter to tell me that you maintain received this and you will in no way bother me again I will speak to the F.T.C and pursue legal action against you.

Thank you,

(your name here)

3 Now once those lieing forked tongue jerks receive that letter they will have no choice below law but to cease and desist all collection activities. If they do continue to hurrass you, subsequently speak to the F.T.C.

4 If you would like further help together with credit issues or desire to fix your bad credit feel free of charge to information me also I'll get again to because before long whereas feasible. I would love to help you all carry on these monsters and kick there tails! I would love to put every collection company out of business, or at liest force them to do their jobs within moral guidelines.

Suggestions & Warnings

If you maintain questions message me and I'll buy again to you being soon whereas possible. Never EVER Acknowledge TO Make Some Payment OR PARTIAL Expense With THESE Persons, unless you truly believe that it is what you must do. Debts owed to the government Must be settled! This document pertains to all privately owned collection companies

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