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If you wish to laugh, making your own funny ornaments can be enjoyable also memorable.

Making your own holiday ornaments and decorations may function as a cost friendly, pleasure way to create your own long-lasting memories. A creative option in decorating for Christmas is to make your own funny ornaments. Depending on your impression regarding humor plus creative talents you can create hilarious and touching ornaments to hang upon your tree year following year. You also may produce them to give as gifts.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Rubber Chicken Santa Tree Topper

1 Choose a lightweight rubber chicken from any novelty store or online. Secure single that weighs less than a pound. Standard novelty rubber chickens are in relation to 11 inches long by 6 inches in girth by the chicken's widest point.

2 Dress the chicken with a doll-sized Santa outfit. You can find this within a craft store or you can remove it from other novelty toy these kinds of as a medium-sized vacation bear or other toy.

3 Wrap some 5-inch length of flexible craft wire by the end of every wing of the chicken. Leave 2 inches of cable protruding out of each wing. Simply wrap the chicken's wings all over the top of the tree, making it look as though Santa chicken yous adhering with living. Wrap the wires inside the top branches of the tree to hold the rubber chicken in place.

Funny Photo Balls

1 Pick any memorable also funny photograph of your family or of an individual family member. Photos of making confronts or other silly events are sufficient for this craft. Lower around the photo evenly until it is small adequate to work inside the ornament.

3 Decorate the again side regarding the ball with optional gildings similar since spray glitter or painted designs. For a remarkable touch, paint the numbers of the year the ornament was made.

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