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A properly-made fire pit.

Fires flicker and mesmerize, and when you have just one burning in your backyard, it produces for a natural congregation point during parties . However, a free-position fire can endanger your household also surrounding properties. To improve safety, first build a fire pit , which will isolate the fire from the rest of yard. Building your own fire pit remains straightforward, but yet takes hard function plus lifting. Although it's possible to simply dig a hole plus throw some sticks into it, this looks sloppy and will soon collapse. Set some good foundation also series the pit with bricks for exclusive attractive, long-lasting fire.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Shovel Sand Bricks or stone Level Mortar Gravel, marble or tile

1 Position the fire pit somewhere that guests may simply discover it and sit comfortably. Avoid places close to anything flammable, like as homes, sheds or hay bales.

2 Dig some hole. The size of this hole can vary among 1 also 3 feet deep. Produce convinced it is broad enough to accommodate logs, branches and kindling. Add an additional foot to the width to accommodate any brick or stone liner.

3 Place a degree against the walls regarding your hole and against its floor. Adjust as necessary to flatten it out.

4 Sprinkle half an inch of sand to the hole. Level it. The sand will provide grip for the bricks and stone walls.

5 Line the walls of your hole together with bricks or stone. These play because a dam to keep soil away from collapsing into the hole. For added stability, spread a layer of mortar between the bricks.

6 Pour 2 inches of dirt back to the pit and stamp it lower. This will lock the bricks or stones into place.

7 Lay down marble, granite or tiles with concentric circles around the fire pit. Even though this stage is unnecessary, it demarcates the space around the pit plus gives it a professional seem. Make these circles extensive enough to comfortably fit lawn furniture, similar whereas chairs and tables.


Firepit Helper: Fire Pit Strategy

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