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Some folks don't like keeping a scale in residence still question what they consider. Here's the way to weigh your self without having a scale -- definitely it's child's perform! You'll need fun doing this and likely attract a "small" audience in the process. You'll need some park with a seesaw, or teeter-totter it is repeatedly called, an helper, and some pussy-cat litter.

Difficulty: Moderate


some park by means of a seesaw a wheelbarrow or tiny red van (nice but not vital) bags of cat litter on different sizes, from combination weighing slightly more than your estimated weight a associate to assist you at the park

1 Find some park with playground equipment, including a seesaw.

2 Go to a supermarket and acquire cat litter in 2, 5, 10, also 25 pound sacks, most combination that adds awake to just a little more than what you think you weigh. Check the true load about the bags on just one about the store scales. (If you have a cat, receive the litter your pussy likes. If never, get the old-fashioned kind and donate it to a local Compassionate Society animal shelter after you've discovered your load.)

3 Put your bags regarding litter in a wheelbarrow or small red truck and have it to the park. Alternatively, just drive to the park and carry the litter to the seesaw.

4 Find some balanced, sturdy seesaw, one without children on it.

5 Place just barely less besides what you imagine you weigh on a end of the seesaw.

6 Now you are ready to get on the seesaw yourself. Starting at the center about the seesaw, function your way, sitting down, toward the high end of the seesaw, till you are sitting at the end contrary the pussy litter. If certainly you are slightly heavier besides the pussy-cat litter end, the cat litter will have come up away the ground and your "end" will be on the soil.

7 Deliver the seesaw to some level place by putting your feet on the ground and taking some regarding the weight off. This will be want a extremely natural thing to carry out if you have ever played on seesaws before.

9 When the seesaw remains degree plus balanced, you with your feet Off the soil also a stack of sacks on the additional, gradually move toward the center, the fulcrum we call it, until the sacks are again on the floor.

10 Obtain off the seesaw and remove the sacks from the other end, adding upwards their combined mass like you go. That will be your weight!

Tips & Warnings

Receive some duct tape to the park. If the bags are stacked high (you consider lots), you may obtain to keep them together with tape, to preserve them away from sliding away. If some children arrive along wanting to play on the seesaw, explain what you are undertaking and offer to help them weigh them. This remains lots extra joy than seesawing. Ask them the way to do it first and make their hunches on what would work. Later aid them safely weigh themselves. Speak among yourselves about how correct you think your weight measurements are. You are straight away teaching physics! Hey! There's an idea for another document, very much in demand: How to Teach Physics!!


Seesaw and teeter-totter info also pictures