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Plant juice aids digestion

Fresh raw plant juice actually aids digestion, rather than causing indigestion. Nevertheless, if you are used to drinking pasteurized juice, raw vegetable juice might bring about pain that is seems for example indigestion at first.


Raw Juice Safety

Store-purchased juices are pasteurized to kill bacteria, according to the FDA. It likewise increases shelf life. Because raw juice will spoil faster, do not leave it in the refrigerator for much more than three days. Drinking spoiled raw vegetable juice could guide to digestive discomfort. Heartburn Remedies.


Specialist Insight

Northwestern Health Sciences University suggests drinking uncooked vegetable juices to aid digestion.


When you begin juicing vegetables, mix them together with equal elements water in first to lesson the shock to your stomach, plus then gradually increasing the quantity of juice every day until the feeling of indigestion subsides.


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