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IPod software can be unlocked online.

Apple constantly updates the software for the iPod. Unlocking the iPod touch, which uses the software, allows users to operate third-party unsigned code on their device. This means that is the buyer may download numerous extensions and themes that are unavailable through the Apple application store by way of unofficial installers. The unlocked iPod remains still able to utilize the application store and iTunes. There are some quantity regarding unlocking applications available Internet.

Difficulty: Simple


1 Download the unlocking software of your preference. Open your Internet browser and navigate to a website of your choosing that is offer you iPod unlocking software. Pick out a program which will unlock the iPod software version 2.2 plus download it. Observe that this characteristic will likewise unlock version 2.2 software on iPhones as well.

2 Attach your iPod to your PC through the USB cable. ITunes will automatically open up whilst the iPod is attached. Close the iTunes window.

3 Open the unlocking software. The unlocking software arrives with distinctive instructions according to the chosen software. You will be required to select the device that you want to unlock plus the Apple software variation you are unlocking. You must pick out "iPod Contact Model 2.2." The unlocking system will then guide you through the assorted steps to unlock your iPod.

Tips & Warnings

Unlocking an iPod only deal with it for the software version that you unlock it from. If you upgrade the software version on the iPod, then the iPod will require to be re-unlocked for all unofficial applications to function. Unlocking an iPod and using unlicensed applications can put your iPod at threat for viruses plus locking the software.

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