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Wear A Wedding Band plus Engagement Ring

When you become married, not only manage you gain some loving spouse, but you also gain some new piece about jewelery! Follow these simple steps to wear your wedding band and your engagement ring collectively.

Difficulty: Easy


things you'll want:

An engagement ring A marriage band

1 It's called some "ring finger" for a cause. Wedding bands plus engagement rings are typically worn on the finger following to the pinky on the remaining hand. This tradition started together with the Romans, who thought that the vein in this finger led directly to the heart.

2 Look at which ring to put on first. Generally the wedding band is put on the finger first, followed from the engagement ring. This would generate it easier to remove the engagement ring whilst doing messy work these kinds of being gardening . (If your wedding ring is simply some gold band, it would probably not need to be removed when doing messy function.) Though, if the engagement ring does never fit as well as the marriage band, you might contemplate putting the engagement ring on first to suppress it from slipping off.

3 Decide if you desire to solder the fixed together. Soldering the marriage band to the engagement ring essentially changes pair rings into just one. It is fairly inexpensive to experience completed plus it avoids the rings from twisting different directions while on the finger. This is especially helpful with wedding arranges that are made to suit within every additional, such as solitaire enhancers or wraps.