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You can locate a loving nanny online

The internet has developed into a wonderful locale to link families seeking nannies plus nannies looking for jobs. Most online piece of work seekers and families are fair - but stings and less savory characters adore to masquerade online. Find out how to safely hire a nanny at Internet venues.

Trouble: Moderate


1 Confirm Applicant IDENTITY. Inquire the candidate to show you legitimate, govt issued picture identification. Consider making a copy to your records. Some applicant without having a valid photo ID is not liable to possess valid US Work Permission and most likely cannot be reasonably background checked.

2 Need Any FORMAL Job APPLICATION. website members have entry to an agency developed job application form - you do never obtain to reinvent the wheel! Some formal chore application should include the candidate's identify, address, also all telephone numbers and chronological job history and educational record. Verify name plus address agree with the photo ID. Look for unexplained openings. If significant openings exist, inquire the candidate to help 'fill in the blanks.' Make sure the candidate's history is in month/year format. Ask probing questions - often openings indicate some prior poor employment knowledge, but they can signal a myriad about other problems.

4 INTERVIEW Carefully Also Systematically. Consider holding your first interview on any public place - a coffee shop or fast food venue together with a kids's play region. This safeguards you (no strangers arriving to your household) and the nanny (many are reluctant to meet you inside your home for the same security concerns!).

5 Check REFERENCES. Personally speak out to all references. Verify the way in which they know the candidate. Question questions and wait for solutions. Steer clear of giving spoken clues of agreement (umhum) or disagreement (really?).

7 Receive SIGNED BACKGROUND Check RELEASE Authorization. Red Flag: If the candidate refuses to sign the consent or afford her SSN, DMV license amount, and/or date of birth, move on right away.

8 Get A SSN Trace & ADDRESS History Report. This produces all names and addresses linked with this Public Reliability Number throughout the last 7 years whereas known to the credit bureaus.

9 Complete BACKGROUND CHECKING. Greatest practices are to search criminal records under all names and with all jurisdictions seeing that reported by the SSN find. Consider including Driver's License History, sex offender registry also National Criminal Records Locator (any database) checks.

Tips & Cautions

Develop a requirements list before you begin interviewing. Examine against this record. Telephone pre-screening avoids wasted interview time on non-qualified applicants. Trust YOUR INSTINCTS. If your gut says there is something wrong, move on to other candidates.

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