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Liveblogging the Blueprinting the Information Valet Economy - Day 2 (12/05/2008)

Moderated by Chuck Peters . . .

  • 8:37 Chuck Peters: Starting morning discussion with review of yesterday. Links soon.
  • 8:38 Chuck Peters: This is Chuck Peters, Twitter name cpetersia, using #infovalet as Twitter tag.
  • 8:41 Chuck Peters: For review of Information Valet Project, go to
  • 8:51 Chuck Peters: Check out EPIC video by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson at
  • 9:10 Chuck Peters: Forrester study on paid content online of Wednesday, Dec 3, at
  • 9:14 cpetersia: Thinking about Jeff Jarvis/Dave Winer convo at #infovalet, find convo at
  • 9:14 thinkbigsmaller: Will consumers bear their deep soles to marketers for money?
  • 9:23 nfovalet: Incorporating the idea of "civic space"
  • 9:23 [Comment From Beth Lawton] -- Marketing, convenience both major factors here... but how do newspapers encourage their readers/site users to use the service/application?
  • 9:23 [Comment From Beth Lawton] -- Suggestions: Health of the community itself, education, economy, local....
  • 9:30 [Comment From Bob Brown] -- 2009 prognostication
  • 9:32 Chuck Peters: A model for monetizing atomized content at
  • 9:36 [Comment From Beth Lawton] -- Looking at how existing components from organizations/businesses such as Info Card Foundation, Clickshare, Amazon, etc. could factor into this project.
  • 9:47 [Comment From Cynthia] -- It's too bad sites like Angie's List and Yelp have taken hold...the local newspapers could have owned the local review space.
  • 9:47 Chuck Peters: As we go on a 10 minute break, check out for a smile

10:17 Chuck Peters: What is missing from the features of the "Information Card" discussed by Charles Andres, and the website at

  • 10:25 Chuck Peters: Discussing effects of "atomic content". Compare with
  • 10:33 Chuck Peters: How much of the payment system needs to be organized. Why can't each local organization decide how to use functionality of Info Valet?
  • 10:38 [Comment From Bonnie Obremski] -- Maybe it would be best to let each organization decide eventually, but I wonder if it would be better in the beginning to have one simple standard, such as the one Cynthia is implementing with Kachingle.
  • 10:46 [Comment From Beth Lawton] -- Agree with Bonnie... Also, I think that it's really, really important to focus the marketing on the "convenient and secure" characteristics, and then tout other benefits as great add-ons.
  • 10:55 Chuck Peters: Wrapping up here. Any final comments or questions??
  • 10:59 Chuck Peters: All - thanks to Bill Densmore for arranging this conference!!
  • 10:59

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