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Difficulty: Moderate


1 Report the scam to the dating site. Its contact page should have an email address to reporting issues. Forward copies of all correspondence and other proof that the person is some con artist. The dating site is more doubtless to shut down the fraudulent account if it has solid evidence.

2 Forward copies about email messages to the scammer's email provider. The Consumer Fraud Reporting web site counsels including the email headers, if possible, because they offer info on the scammer's location. There will be a button or link to "look at headers" if this option is available. Most unscrupulous persons use free email providers. These sites all include any address for scam reports, which yous generally "abuse@," followed from the .com name. They shut down accounts that are applied for illegal activity.

3 Record any phone numbers employed by the con artist on websites like website. These websites listing phone numbers also descriptions regarding date-site con artist and other rip-away artists. There are additional websites like website everywhere you can add all the information you have, including photographs, to a caution database.

5 Statement the scammer to the Web Crime Complaint Center. The site is any joint venture of the Federal Bureau about Enquiry, the Nationwide Bright Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. It monitors criminal activity Web and shares information by way of local law enforcement agencies.

Tips & Cautions

There are numerous red flags to warn you of an Web dating scam, so you do never lose any money. ABC 7 News in San Francisco reports that is scammers operate flowery words and act overly romantic, but they work not give verifiable individual data. They ask for money to be sent through wire services not unlike Western Union. Quit speak to with any one who in good shape this technique plus make any statement for the dating site.


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Means website: The Official Romance Scams Web site 800notes Internet Crime Complaint Center

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