William P. Densmore Jr.

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Teacher / leader at studying, defining the new media ecosystem through event management and writing for Journalism That Matters, RJI, and the Media Giraffe Project



UMass Amherst, B.A., environmental policy and communications. Teacher, entrepreneur,  writer,  editor, event planner and researcher on the future and sustainability of journalism as a consulting fellow to the  Reynolds Journalism Institute working on the The Information Valet Project.  General coordinator of the U.S. Slow Living Summit at Brattleboro, Vt.,  May 30-June 1, 2012. Board member and lead conference organizer for Journalism That Matters.  Taught journalism at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; lectured at UMass Amherst, Williams College, Mount Holyoke College and Brandeis University.  Board, member,  New England Newspaper & Press Association; director of the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst.  EARLIER: Founded two technology companies:  Clickshare Service Corp. and CircLabs Inc.  Owned and published The Advocate  newsweeklies (Williamstown / Lenox), 1983-1992 . Associated Press reporter, editor, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco. Interim director of Hancock Shaker Village. Board member: Action Coalition for Media Education. Graduated: Phillips Exeter Academy. Born: Worcester, Mass.



Contribute ideas and exceptional writing, outreach, writing, planning, presentation, leadership, fund-raising, team-building and entrepreneurial skills to a mission-focused, educational or policy-making institution. 



Two decades in journalism publishing/research and info-tech business entrepreneurship. Networking, promotion, writing, speaking, teaching, conference organizing and leadership; knowledge of media-literacy and news-literacy policy issues; extensive experience in broadcast, print and online media and ownership. Degree in environmental policy and communications. 




6-2009 . present       Densmore Associates                 Williamstown, Mass.
 -- Densmore Associates provides project and event management services, writing, research and market intelligence to companies, universities and individuals concerned with the changing media ecosystem. Representative project (2011-2012): Conceived, designed, shot videos, wrote copy and implemented recruitment website for Ipswitch Inc., fast-growing Lexington, Mass., software company. See:






6/2009 . present

University of Missouri

Columbia, Mo.


Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Consulting Fellow



Consultant to the Reynolds Journalism Institute, researching the future and sustainability of journalism. Overseeing the startup and development of CircLabs Inc., a news social network that is one-third owned by RJI-Mizzou that addresses personalization, privacy, advertising and network information commerce for newspapers and community media organizations. Ongoing outreach, event organization, writing and speaking,  Information Valet Project.





9/2011 . 5/2012

Strolling of the Heifers Inc.

Brattleboro, Vt.


2nd Annual U.S. Slow Living Summit, May 30-June 2, 2012



Paid general coordinator for a three-day, 300-participant regional summit conference on sustainability communities, health, media, energy, agriculture and living topics. Lead volunteers in executing eight-track gathering including more than 100 speakers and 50 separate sessions. Co-managed approx. $60,000 in fund-raising.



6/2006 . present

Journalism That Matters Inc.



Journalism That Matters



Member of the board of directors, consultant and co-principal event organizer coordinator for a 501(c)3 which conducts training and conferences helping journalists transition in the changing media ecosystem through connecting with technologists, librarians, media-literacy educators and other new collaborators.  Have organized and co-convened seven conferences with over 1,600 alumni in Washington, D.C., Amherst, Mass., St. Louis, Minneapolis, Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Mass.-MIT, Greensboro, N.C., and elsewhere.



9/2008 . 6-2009

University of Missouri

Columbia, Mo.


Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow, 2008-2009



Named to an academic-year research fellowship at the Missouri School of Journalism to develop the Information Valet Project, an effort to build an information-industry consortium that would operate a shared-user network for commerce, advertising and privacy-protected demographic management.



3/2005 . 8/2008

University of Massachusetts

Amherst MA


Director, The Media Giraffe Project / New England News Forum



Raised more than $300,000 to seed and operate two grant-funded research efforts in the journalism program at UMass Amherst to find and spotlight individuals making innovative use of media to foster participatory democracy and community. Position was a contractual consultancy to Densmore Associates.



8/2004 . 2/2005

Hancock Shaker Village Inc.

Pittsfield MA


Interim Director



Hired for a contractual six-month period as CEO/director of a living-history museum of the Shaker faith; responsible for fund-raising, day-to-day operations of an approximately 10-person staff and managing the search and hiring of a permanent director. Reported to Board of Trustees.



4/2002 . 8-2004

MediaNews Group Inc.

North Adams MA


Advertising Director, The North Adams Transcript



Directed all phases of the advertising sales operation, both print and online, of a 6,800-circulation, six-day daily newspaper in northern Berkshire County, owned by MediaNews Group Inc. of Denver.



4/1997 - 4/2002

Clickshare Service Corp.

Williamstown MA


Founder/Chair/CEO/VP & Treasurer / Consultant



Founded and led high-tech startup in network user-identity and transaction management; served as chairman and CEO; raised $3.5 million in financing as treasurer; exiting company after recruiting senior management, licensing of The Clickshare Service. to partners and a planned recapitalization. Named inventor on Patent No. 7,324,972 granted Jan. 29, 2008.



11/1994 . Present

Newshare Corp.

Williamstown MA


President / Founder



Consultants and advisors on new-media convergence. Founded in 1994 to assist newspapers to enhance and exchange customer relationships and get paid for content. Original owner/developer of Clickshare technology.  Holding company for NewshareŽ intellectual property.



4/1993 . 11/1994

Turley Publications Inc.

Palmer MA


Editorial Director 



Management of 15-person editorial staff at large web-offset commercial printer and publisher of seven weeklies and two specialty monthlies. 



11/1983 . 12/1992

Williamstown Advocate Inc.

Williamstown MA


President and co-Publisher



Owned and published weekly newspapers in Berkshire County, Mass., from 1983-1992. Built circulation from 7,000 to 22,000 copies and revenues from $150,000 to $560,000 in five years. Sold business to a new owner; papers continue to thrive after January, 2002 sale to a third party.



9/1981 - 11/1983

Crain Communications Inc.

New York / Chicago


New York Bureau Chief/Editor



New York bureau chief, Business Insurance magazine (Crain Communications Inc.), Jan. 1982-Nov. 1983. Trade magazine circulated to 40,000 corporate risk managers, insurance managers, financial executives, insurers, brokers and attorneys. Financial analysis of insurance industry, product and professional liability litigation, employee benefits and pensions. Covered DC-10 crash, Hyatt skywalks and Tylenol-tampering product-liability litigation.


1/1981 - 1/1982

Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Chicago IL


Associate Editor



Responsible for business management, writing of media-and-law items, general writing and editing duties on monthly tabloid circulated to Chicago's 19,000-member legal community.



6/1976 - 1/1981


The Associated Press


San Francisco



National reporter and desk editor in three key bureaus, supervising editor of U.S./international wire serving 700 small newspapers. Political coverage in Springfield, Ill., Other major story coverage: Nation.s worst air disaster: American Airlines DC-10 in Chicago; Peoples Temple mass-suicide-assassination; San Francisco mayoral assassination; NASA probes of Venus and Saturn; court-ordered Boston school desegregation.




University of Massachusetts

Amherst MA


Bachelor's Degree


B.A., Environmental Policy & Communications




Phillips Exeter Academy

Exeter NH


High School Diploma





Public Schools , K-9

Worcester MA





7-2006 . present


7/2008 . present



5/2008 . president



2/2008 . present



5/2005 . 05/2008



Journalism That Matters



Media Bloggers Association



Shires Media Partners Inc.


New England Newspaper & Press Association


Action Coalition for Media Education


Director, Principal collaborator


Member, Board of Directors


Member, Board of Directors


Member, Board of Directors


Member, Board of Directors





Donald W. Reynolds Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute, 2008-2009.


New England Press Association first-place award for editorial writing, February 1993. NEPA first-place award for headline writing, February 1994.


Boston Globe summer reporting intern (paid), 1974


National Merit Scholarship, Letter of Commendation, 1970.











Berkshire Capital Corp.

New York NY


Researched, prepared and presented strategic analysis of the information-technology/Internet marketplace for boutique mergers-and-acquisitions advisory service to the financial-services industry.





Koz Inc.

Durham NC


Advised on development of customer-support and PR strategy for provider of new-media technologies for community, group and enterprise Internet publishing. Conceived, wrote and produced video showing onsite community use in Skowhegan, Maine.  Koz now known as MediaSpanGroup.COM













.From Paper to Persona: Sustaining Journalism in an Attention Age,.  the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, (Bill Densmore, author).






Dec. 2, 2009 at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Workshop: "From Town Crier to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?"



In August, 2008, Bill Densmore arrived at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism with a mission -- create a shared-user network owned by the nation's news and information-services industry, which could address privacy, enhanced advertising and charging for content. Watch this 12-minute video of Densmore.s May 5, 2009 presentation of his research:


 .A Conversation with Craig Newmark,. April 6, 2010


.Explaining the Information Valet Project. (with slides), June 23, 2010


Talks and Presentations


PRESENTATION: .From Paper to Persona: Finding new public squares / Jouranlism.s evolving role in civil society.. Speech and presentation to the U.S. Russian Civil Society Partnership Program, Nov. 14, 2011, Moscow,  Russian Federation.


PRESENTATION: .From Paper to Persona: Managing Privacy and Information Overload; Sustaining Journalism in an Attention Age,.  to the Newspaper Association Managers national convention, Branson, Mo., Aug. 4, 2011.


SPEECH: "The Four Phases of Editorial Voice: Engagement in the 21st Century"

SPEECH: .How Newspapers Can Prosper in a Free Market for Digital Information.:


SPEECH: .Securing the User Relationship.:


Other Papers / Writing


CONFERENCE REPORT: 2005 Annenberg Commission on Press/Democracy:


CONFERENCE REPORT: 2004 Shorenstein Center "Media & American Democracy" seminar


ESSAY (2006): Newspapers must become information valets and gateways, not silos


BOOK REVIEW: Dee Hock on the birth of Visa:


Why the need for collaborative action on information payments?
(Vision statement for 1999 conference):


CONFERENCE REPORT: 2002 Family newspaper conference at Univ. of Illinois:


CONFERENCE REPORT: 1995 Nieman seminar on newspapers. future:


ETHICS: Case studies from weekly journalism:


BUSINESS WRITING: Fiegenbaum.s help China in business question:


TECH WRITING: Why SET will fail . the credit card industry.s over-engineered security:


INTERNATIONAL: Editors. trip to Russia post .glasnost., 1993: