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Have fun, and enjoy this weeks Weekly Bookmark.

Halloween Online
Matt Alberts

For some people on the World Wide Web, this will be their first time seeing a Virtual Haunted House or shopping for that perfect costume online, but don't feel bad, this is my first time too. The WWW has a large selection of Halloween specific sites from a Virtual Haunted House, to poetry about Halloween, to benefits to sponsor a needy charity.

The first stop on our voyage to October 31st is to pick up the perfect costume. For an absolutely huge selection of costumes, you could stop at Tombstone Productions or the Halloween Costume Mart. If you prefer to see what you're buying before you shell out the cash, stop into the Steven's Magic Emporium. All of these places have large selections and online ordering to make your Halloween less stressful.

After we have purchased our costume, we definitely have to show it off. For this, we jump off to The Witches Ball. The Witches Ball is in Boston, Massachusetts and benfits the Hospice at Mission Hill in Boston. With live bands or other great events, this should be a lot of fun. If this doesn't suit your pace, you can stop by the Famous Dead Person's Ball. This page will give you information on what to wear, where it is, and other great stuff. If you're going, reserve your tickets before October 15th. If you're not sure about going to a Halloween Party in some strange place you've never been, take a look at photos from the past Hallowfests in Cincinnati, Ohio. This will give you an idea of what those parties are like.

After enjoying a nice party out on the town, take a stop off the beaten path and check out some of the WWW's darker sides with a stop at a Virtual Haunted House. The Halloween Haunt on the Web is an event held by Knott's Berry Farms in Anaheim, California. This page contains commentary and history through text, images, and movies about the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm from a past monster. Jumping to a Virtual Haunted House created by 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in Ms. Petro's, Ms. Bliz's, and Ms. McCullen's classes at Discovery Middle School, Orlando, Florida. There are great pictures with links to their Haiku poetry. Going into the depths of the WWW, we can jump to the Haunted Corners of the Web. This is a great place to find out what you're made of with these great links.

After Halloween is over, the fun won't stop. The Night Gallery is "Halloween 365 days a year." With links to Splatter Flicks, Screaming Women, The Rude Things in My Fridge, and Body Music. This is a great site with beautiful graphics that stays after the holiday. The Castle Phantasmagoria is one of Yahoo's Choice Websites and has been featured in Boardwatch and the .net magazine. With scary things to download and links to everything from Edgar Allen Poe to sites offer Vampire fangs, this site is a virtual graveyard.

Hopefully, this will give you enough links to explore through the Halloween season, but if not, check out Yahoo's collection or do a WebSearch for Halloween or Horror.