Newshare Corp.


Newshare Corp. has established a nationwide electronic brokerage for the multi-media collection, editing, moderation and marketing of time- sensitive, general-interest news and advertising. After a test phase, the Newshare(SM) facility will include proprietary software which tracks and accounts for content usage.

Newshare(SM) Publishing Members and Contributing Members will provide material organized both geographically and by interest area. Acquisition and individual-document use of the material by fellow members or other users will be subject to secure collection and distribution of royalties.

We seek affiliation proposals from news producers such as bulletin- board services, weekly or daily newspapers, radio and television stations and individual reporters, editors, columnists or free-lance writers. Larger, traditional media organizations with a demonstrated commitment to open-standard, Internet-centered electronic publishing are also welcome to submit member or partnership proposals.

Unlike "wire services," Newshares(sm) will go directly to consumers and may be customized by their consumer users both in content and in form of output (text, audio, video, printed, screen). Subscribers will access their local or regional Newshare(sm) member/provider via any Internet gateway using a variety of third-party, non-proprietary interfaces.

Newshare Corp. founders include a veteran print editor- publisher, a research university information-technology and networking specialist and an advertising/publishing industry manager/designer.

Our Massachusetts-based facility is presently viewable at:

Newshare Corp. will assist potential members with the design and technical aspects of creating their WWW "home page", which can be mounted on the Newshare Corp. server machine.

If you are a potential information provider, member or affiliate, or would like to be added to our mailing list for future news about the Newshare(sm) project status, EMAIL your proposal to

Bill Densmore, President / Newshare Corp.
One Bank St., P.O. Box 367
Williamstown, MA 01267
PHONE: (413) 458-8001
FAX: (413) 458-8002
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