The Clickshare Mission

Clickshare's mission is to make Internet information purchase and payment as simple as dialing and paying for a phone call . . . as customizable as filling your shopping cart at the supermarket.

Clickshare Service Corp. offers the first distributed user-management service for Internet information purchase by subscription or per click. It provides for access control, audience measurement and personalization with one-ID, one-bill user convenience among multiple publisher and service affiliates.

Clickshare can turn the World Wide Web into a virtual online service. Users may choose any host they desire: E-cash vendors, banks, telcos, credit-card issuers, publishers, ISPs or cable operators. With Clickshare, they can buy information for pennies from independent content affiliates, but pay via one bill from their host.

Clickshare Service Corp., is a Massachusetts-based, privately funded, startup.

Clickshare -- we're making the market for digital information.

Clickshare Service Corp.
"Making the market for digital information"
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