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Web Virtual NewsLetter

Published in the Cyberspace

No 1. October 1995.

This is the first issue of the Web Virtual NewsLetter. It is of course completely free. The goal is to create an interactive virtual publication to exchange tips and comments about U.S. and international news-related Web sites. The Web is becoming one of the widest sources of informations, but because of its growing size, it is every day more difficult to surf. If you want to receive the next issues, send us right now your e-mail address.

The author of these lines is a Washington-based Swiss TV journalist with no other pretention than sharing with other members of the international Net community the interest and the fun to discover new sites and getting first hand informations from around the world.

This Web Virtual NewsLetter should be yours!

Send us already now your tips and your comments for the next issue. A short article on an Internet related topic will be welcome.

Make this Web Virtual NewsLetter a wider audience by forwarding it. Send us your e-mail if you did not receive it directly. You are part of it.

Tell us your reaction, your criticism and your suggestions to improve the quality of this NewsLetter. What would you like to see in it ? A version in French or Spanish could interest you ?

The Web Virtual NewsLetter is experimental. If the response is positive, we will go ahead.


  • Faces of Sorrow

    Impressive and tragical gallery of 50 photos from 35 international photographers about the war in Bosnia. The pictures speak by themselves. They are divided into various sections: Combatants, Prisoners, Forces of rape, Ethnic cleansing, Siege of Sarajevo, Refugees. Obviously governmental side.

  • Bosnia HomePage
    Almost official page of the Bosnian government of Sarajevo. Maps of the conflict, list of war criminals and suspects, historical background, photos of Sarajevo and the war.

  • All about Geopolitics in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia ( or: The Untold Stories about current events in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia )
    Serbian vision of the war by a Serbian postgraduate student of the University of Colorado. Pictures, map and a lot of articles about the so-called media bias and the American press in the Bosnian conflict. Regularly updated texts.

  • Information about Croatia
    By the Theorical Physics Section of the Zagreb Rudjer Boskovic Institute. Long downloading time. Ethnical maps in the Croation view with articles about the origin of the war.

  • Republic of Croatia
    Very nice-looking site about Croatia in general made in the Zagreb University but long downloading time. Touristical ressources, even Croatian wines! Clickable map. I clicked on Vukovar and I got several pictures of the city before and after its destruction. Basic vocabulary in Croatian for travelers. If you are very patient you can download Croatian songs (it takes hours !). The Croatian offensive in Krajina is called reintegration of West Slavonia... (in English and German)

  • News from Croatia
    Last news from the Croatian point of view linked to the anterior site. Photos, articles and videos with Sparkle software. This is a mirror site in the U.S. that speeds the downloading ( Another one is in Germany for European users.

  • Ljiljan
    The so-called First Bosnian Magazine on the Internet. Published in the safe Slovenia. Articles presenting the Bosnian Muslim side. Some ressources like True Type Fonts with Bosnian specific characters. (in English and Serbo-Croatian)


    Hundreds of existing sites about all kind of issues, from the local grass-roots politics to the two big parties. Here are some places where to start surfing on the agitated waves of the American political seas...

  • The Left Side of the Web
    Several links from this home page. A lot about the militia movements. An interesting analysis of the LaRouche group conspiracy paranoia: in some cases right and left wings have similar feelings...

  • Turn Left...the Home of Liberalism
    More ideological site. Pages about civil liberties. Home pages for "Some Liberal People". Informations on President Clinton. Some analysis of governmental issues.

  • The Right Side of the Web
    Conservative views in economy, politics and society. With a photo of former President Reagan on the front page... Link with Rush Limbaugh information page. List of "christian sites". Audio Clip library.

  • The Newt Gingrich WWW Fan Club
    Are you a fan of the House Speaker ? Even if you are not, this site can be interesting as a good exemple of political struggle in the Cyberspace.

  • Campaign '96 Home Page
    Useful schedule to prepare the upcoming elections.

  • Conspiracy, Control & ?????
    Interesting example to analyze the roots of the American paranoia...


  • Mexico Ya Basta
    Home page of the friends of Subcomandante Marcos. Transcription of his communications including quotes of Baudelaire in French.... Various and nice photos from Chiapas. According to what is now a legend, the Subcomandante was surfing on the Net near the little village of Guadalupe Tepeyac in the middle of the Lacandon jungle with his laptop connected on a satellite phone: believe it or not! Finaly the Zapatistas headquarters have been destroyed by the Mexican army, including the cybergun of the Subcomandante.... (in Spanish with some pages in English)

  • Mexico Out of Balance

    Page maintained by the Peace Net movement. Interview of Subcomandante Marcos. Political and social analysis of the situation in Mexico. (in English)

  • La Jornada en Internet
    Excellent Mexican daily newspaper (in Spanish only). The best coverage of the events in Chiapas( With a mirror site in the U.S. in case of overloaded Mexican lines.


    • Welcome to Pathfinder
      Great site ! Access to the Time Warner magazines. Thousands of articles updated everyday. Search tools by keyword. I use it daily. (Why did they reproduce the Unabomber manifesto ?...)*ku7agAAAAAAANYM/pathfinder/welcome.html

    • Mercury Center Main Menu
      Typical electronic daily newspaper. A first taste of the future, when information on paper will be just a souvenir... Published in San Jose (California).

    • RealAudio Homepage
      An other great site ! Home page of several radio-stations whose past programs are accessible in real time without downloading delay. The sound quality is low but you just need to download once for free the Realaudio software and you can listen to the best (my opinion!) American radio: National Public Radio (NPR). ABC-Radio and many other American and international stations are there too. Some short waves programs (Swiss Radio International for example).

    • Electronic Newsstand: Newspapers
      Virtual newsstand with a lot of interesting newspapers from the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Singapour.

    • TASS
      Russian news from ITAR-TASS. Not very attractive, gopher-looking site but valuable source of informations about Russia and the former Soviet states.(in English).


    • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
      The new hot site on the Web! A virtual visit of the Rock and Roll museum of Cleveland. A lot to see even if you are not a rock fan. Several excerpts of music to download.

    • The Citadel Home Page
      An insider view of the famous South Carolina Cadet School: males only...

    Where are the Cyberwomen ?...

    The feminine presence on the Web is still marginal. According to a recent survey conducted by O'Reilly & Associates,the women represent only 34 % of the Internet users ( Is it part of the old prejudice about technical jobs reserved for males ?... By chance it is changing fast and the number of sites made by and dedicated to women is growing everyday. Some are cool, funny and interesting. And they don't carry the old and obsolete "women's lib" flavor... Here are two exemples to discover, for both men and women...

    • The Web According to Cybergrrl! (SM)
      Funny Home Page by Superwoman Cybergrrl... A lot of links with personnal Home Pages of Webgrrl from around the world.

    • Geekgirl.
      Strange and funny Australian site. Some articles are serious like the "Letter from a Bosnian Bride". Other are completely delirious. A few pages provide reviews of books about women and cyberspace.

    • Women's Resources on the Web.
      More serious, although linked with the anterior "Cybergrrl". List of interesting sites about women activism in the real and the virtual world.


    The last figures about online services are just amazing. There are nine million consumers of this kind of services. The first inline of the online are the three little sisters: CompuServe and America Online with around 3.5 million each and Prodigy with 1.6 million. Those last months the online services had a daily growth of 14,000 new members. Big business in Cyberspace! And of course the new Bill Gates Microsoft Network linked with Windows 95 wants its part of the cake too ! And that is just the begining: in 96 the "Baby Bell" local phone Companies will try to offer an Internet access in their phone lines. Even some cable-TV networks are thinking to include in their package an Internet connection with high speed lines that could bring video online. You can find more statistical informations on the Information & Interactive Services Report.

    On parlera français... un jour !

    Malheureusement le texte en français est encore au stade de projet. Faites-nous connaître votre intérêt!!

    Se hablará español... algun día !

    Lo siento pero el texto en español es por ahora un proyecto. Contáctenos si están interesados !

    The Web Virtual NewsLetter is published by Yves Magat (

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