Why Newshare(sm)?

Newshare(sm): a broker of time-sensitive information.
Our technological capability to acquire and transmit information has rapidly exceeded our ability to intelligently use it. So much so that many people now feel an overwhelming sense of "information glut." In a technology sense, the Internet, because of its open standards, makes possible a true "global village" where information is shared freely and often at little or no expense. But the information is largely disorganized and difficult to find. The so-called commercial online services -- Compuserve, America Online, Prodigy, Delphi and Genie -- organize information but generally lack an editorial or analytical focus. They are essentially information utilities with little value added.

Newshare(sm) will function as a broker of time-sensitive information (news), adding format, context and selection -- so that the information is both fun and useful. With Newshare(sm), users will be able to define how and what they hear, see and read in collaboration with editors, co-publishers and information providers. There will be no single "edition" of a Newshare(sm); each user, each editor, each co-publisher will create his or her own "edition" which may be displayed in audio, video or print forms -- transient or permanent.