Where is Newshare(sm)?

Newshare(sm) is everywhere, or nowhere.
Because a "Newshare(sm)" represents an electronic destination, not a physical place, the physical location of editors and co-publishers is only relevant to the extent it facilitates their gathering of information and sharing it efficiently. The co-publisher of Boston Newshare(sm) , for example, might logically wish to be physically located in the Boston area, where sources of regional information are readily available. The co-publisher of Silicon Newshare(sm) might wish to be in the San Jose, Calif., metro area.

Newshare(sm) consumers can be located anywhere Internet access is available. Alternatively, and at a later date, Newshare(sm) will be available via other electronic distribution methods (fax, paging, email).

At present, Newshare/DBS's's office is in Williamstown, Mass.