Is there anything like Newshare(sm)?

There is nothing like Newshare(sm).
So-called "wire services" assemble and transmit general news information, but mostly not direct to consumers. And their model has remained essentially unchanged since the days of the telegraph. The electronic link is one way, not two way. It runs from news producer to the news retailer: the broadcaster or newspaper. The only consumer feedback is post-publication or post-broadcast. Commercial databases and The Internet offer thousands of user groups, but their organization is so chaotic and unedited that only the most initiated can make real use of them. There is no universal system for delivering news information to the home for a non-technical user which permits the user to choose the form and content among relatively broad options.

Newshare(sm) will be that system.

Information about the marketing of Newshare(sm), and services to Newshare(sm) members, is available in the Marketing Plan .