Services Available to the Media

Newshare Corp. is offering partnerships and affiliations with smaller newspapers and radio stations seeking to offer their content on the Internet. See this Request for Proposals for more information.

Among services which we expect to make available in first-quarter of 1995:

-- Turnkey formatting and technology services. Newshare Corp. will manage the establishment of a media outlet's connection to the Internet and will provide access to Newshare's news content in exchange for access to the affiliate's news content.

-- A bulletin-board service for delivery of marketing information about Newshare(sm) and for local newspapers to sponsor inbound 900 or local-dial service over which they can provide local news to their print subscribers via a computer and a modem or by on-demand "faxback."

-- Connection to the Internet for sending and receiving electronic mail directly into an editorial front-end system or to a fax machine.


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