How will Newshare(sm) work?

Newshare(sm) is still in the development phase.
News producers will transmit their stories, messages, graphics, publications or portions of publications to Newshare(sm) by fax, voice, modem or network. Depending on the type of information, it will then be retransmitted -- or edited -- and delivered electronically to consumers/subscribers. Producers can customize their information for specific consumers; consumers can customize the information they request to their interests. Newshare(sm) provides the common link, multi-media look and ease-of-use and access -- "brand" identity.

Technically, operation of Newshare(sm) will evolve as the technology of hypermedia evolves. After Nov. 30, Newshare Corp. will operate a World Wide Web (WWW) Internet server at Northampton, Mass., accessible via public-domain Mosaic and its proprietary derivatives. Dial-up access will also be facilitated. Newshare(sm) co-publishers and users (readers) will receive information via Internet through Mosiac, individual file transfer (FTP), email, a dial-up modem bulletin-board service (BBS) or via fax. They will be able to reach other users by the same means through the Newshare(sm) server. Eventually, they will be able to display information in whatever form they wish.

The Newshare Corp.(sm) Technology Plan is available to those patrons who have signed non-disclosure agreements.