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Newshare Adshare Concept

Newshare Corp. plans to initiate a national rep firm operating under the name "Adshare."

Our plan is to serve as a national rep firm to electronic publishers, going to large advertisers and agencies and wholesaling to them "links" on local publisher's services. We expect that we will aggregate information about total clicks and charge the advertiser based on "clicks" (or "hits") to their pages systemwide. To track this will require the Token Validation Service (TVS) software which we have under development.

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Local or speciality publishers will be free to sell ads onto their own server -- and to sell to their local advertisers the right to have their ad "linked" on the national Newshare Adshare service.

Pricing? Not sure but it will certain be single-digit pennies per click. Page-design and setup and rental of megabytes of space on ours or member servers will be priced separately on a weekly or month basis.

We do not anticipate getting involved in "per inquiry" in any way. I agree with other commentators that "per inquiry" is a quamire for the media owner. We sell space and/or time and a guarantee that X-number of people are seeing that space or hearing the time. What they do after they are "exposed" is a function of the elegance of the message.

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